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LTGEN Rick Burr remarks on assuming command of the Australian Army
TAKING command of the Australian Army today is an incredible honour.
To do so in your presence is special. You represent all of Army, past and pres- ent, the joint team we are so integral to, our families and community that we are intrinsically part of and whose support we depend so much on. Thank you for being here. I commit to serving with you and for all of you.
It is my good fortune to assume com- mand after General Campbell, whose tenure saw commitment to the comple- tion of Army’s rolling program of ini- tiatives - the Hardened and Networked Army, Adaptive Army and Plan Beershe- ba. This work has provided the essential foundation for our Army of today, and enables our future Army.
We are grateful for his authentic and ethical leadership, reinforcing our val- ues and making us stronger. I commit to building upon this work and Army should
expect continuity and momentum from me with respect to my predecessor’s poli- cies and direction.
Receiving the Army banner during this transfer of command today sym- bolises such continuity. As custodian of this national institution, I deeply feel the responsibility of service to the Na- tion, of delivering results today and leading the Army into the future – and
Army is well along its digital journey.
of honouring our hard earned legacy. And so it is a great privilege that my first official duty will be on the western front to represent our Defence Force at the centenary commemoration of those extraordinary achievements in the battle
of Le Hamel.
Thoughtful leadership, innovative tac-
tics, exceptional teamwork, courageous soldiering, a determination to win.
LTGEN Burr making his remarks upon taking up the post as Chief of Army in Canberra.
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