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also about us as an Army understanding our obligation to the nation, to the so- ciety we serve and to the requirement to deliver military options to government as part of the Joint Force; our army must be a modern, contemporary organisation that respects everyone in it, respects the environment it operates in and conducts itself appropriately.
We are accountable, both individually and organisationally, for what we do and how we do it. We must also focus on hav- ing the agility required to intellectually and physically be able to respond to what is a very dynamic environment and that’s the people and potential part of my com- mand themes that we need to make sure we culturally and organisationally em- brace in order to turn it to our advantage.
When we talk about Army’s culture, it needs to be described as a learning or- ganisation that respects everyone as an individual that serves in it and which allows them to realise their individual and collective potential to deliver out- comes for our nation.
Army is an exciting organisation that offers enormous possibilities for the people that join it. It’s an organisation that our nation should be proud of.
The other piece is the total force as- pect in that that we are a 30,000-ish person full-time and 15,000 person part-time force – and also with an outstanding Army cadet program of about 15,000 as well.
The opportunity to deliver on the full potential of 45,000 people is es- sential, so we must continue to mod- ernise our reserve and optimise the possibilities of all forms of service in our Army under the total workforce model.
ADM: Do you think you get the most out of your reserves?
BURR: We need to understand the full range of what we need from a traditional reserve structure that we can essentially mobilise, if you like, through to our more individual re- serves who are our contingent work- force and provide expertise from the civilian employment or the flexibility of their particular employment to ser- vice in the Army.
It’s always an army in motion; we’re al- ways looking at how we can get more from our reserve and I think everyone is excited about new ways, new possibilities and do- ing things better.
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“Land 400 Phase 3 is still finalising the RFT which is due to be released later this year.”

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