Page 201 - Australian Defence Magazine September 2018
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ABOVE: Australian Army soliders, Gunners Blake Bartuccio and Fiaz Jafary from 16th Air Land Regiment, operate from Bradshaw Field Training Area, Northern Territory, during Exercise Pitch Black 2018.
100 years later the spir-
it of the digger endures,
that unique character of
the Australian soldier
earning acclaim wher-
ever they are – commit-
ted on the world stage,
at home or in our region,
working with others, de-
fending and advancing
Australia’s interests, making a difference.
That is our way. It is the Australian way.
Our Army is in great shape ... and al- ways with more to do.
We are an Army in motion.
We are committed, engaged, always learning, innovating and building ever-more effective teams. We seek to optimize our potential. And we must, as we prepare for the challenges we face now and in the future.
Army has a vital role to play as part of the joint force, to assure our warfighting capability into the future, and to offer the broadest utility by leveraging our unique strengths, to operate across all domains and across the continuum.
We will harness the whole Army, en- able and leverage the potential of the
joint force and the entire enterprise. Our success will hinge on harnessing the full capability of all our people, strengthening partnerships, in combi- nation with technology, to operate in new and creative ways.
As we do this we will remain account- able, actively build and sustain trust and continually strengthen our foundations as a profession, while remaining commit- ted to our Army values of courage, initia- tive, respect and teamwork so that we can achieve our potential.
I am honoured to lead the Australian Army, an extraordinary team of Australians. We have a strong foundation, great peo-
ple and much to be proud of.
We are an Army in motion, and it is a
great time to be an Australian soldier.
Chief of Joint Operations, Air Marshal Mel Hupfeld prepares for a flight on a US Army Chinook during his visit to the Marshal Fahim National Defence University, Afghanistan. Working with allies is a key part of Army operations locally and internationally. | September 2018 | 195
“We will harness the whole Army, enable and leverage the potential of the joint force and the entire enterprise.”

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