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                                         It is impossible to look back at 2017 without taking stock of the incredible wake-up call that was
                                         dealt to the region by the series of storms that left devastation in the Caribbean, Central America, and
                                         the United States. We will be learning lessons from the aftermath of these storms for a long time, but
                                         the reality is that the threat of natural disasters confronts us every day, and that by the time you read
                                         this, we could well be in the 2018 Hurricane season and facing the very real threat of another series
                                         of storms that could bring even more devastation than was brought to our doorsteps by Harvey, Irma,
                                         Maria, and Nate.
                                         The region must now take stock of what rebuilding means. From a political  standpoint, there are
                                         countries that must make critical decisions immediately. Others are looking at what has happened and
                                         are making choices about what they can afford to do to reinforce their own resilience for a future where
                                         climate extremes pose a very real threat to a way of life.  But choices must be made, and we hope that
                                         these choices create a less vulnerable, more resilient, and prosperous Caribbean and Central American
                                         Which brings us back to this year’s Profile. From a private sector standpoint, some of the information
                                         that is included in these pages may have been overtaken by the events of summer 2017. But it provides
                                         a measurement of where we were, where we are, and a benchmark for where we are going. For you,
                                         the reader, we hope that you are using this book to help you make choices that will continue to grow
                                         our economies and help the people of the region continue to develop and face our next challenges,
                                         whatever they may be.


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