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 Opportunities and solutions for the 21 st  Century
 Welcome to the 2018 Caribbean-Central America PROFILE: the most dynamic business publication
 of its kind and your essential guide to doing business in the Caribbean, Central and North America.
 PROFILE 2018 presents pertinent political, economic and social information currently shaping business
 trends in these regions. The information is presented in an organized, concise format for all of the
 countries and will assist you in making your important investment decisions. Our aim is to provide
 insightful analysis of the factors affecting the region´s business community and potential for investment
 - a goal we share with the Caribbean-Central American Actions (CCCA).

 Designed with the business professional in mind, PROFILE 2018 is ever mindful of the multitude of
 information constantly trending, therefore we have endeavored to collect here, only the relevant data.
 Company executives throughtout the region rely on the PROFILE to inform them of factors that may
 impact on their organisations. This is one PROFILE that´s a “must have” for your business.

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 the CARIBBEAN-CENTRAL AMERICAN ACTION   and  international  visibility  your
 (CCCA) OF WASHINGTONG D.C.  organisations  will  achieve  with
 PROFILE 2018.

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