Page 9 - GM-Skillet Man
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 As the Caveman returned, the Stranger touched his “magic stick” to the leaves at the bottom of the pile of twigs and branches. There was a soft “hump” sound as the dry leaves caught fire, then the twigs caught fire and finally the branches were ablaze.
The Caveman approached and the Stranger said, “We call this fire.” The Caveman got closer and said, “This feels warm” and continued to get closer to the fire. Finally the Stranger said, “That’s close enough, you may get burned.”
“I have seen this when the 'light from the clouds' hit the earth and cause the forest to, as you say... burn,” said the Caveman. “Yes,” replied the Stranger, “but we can control this fire and use it to warm ourselves and other things.”
“Warming is good” said the Caveman. “What else is it good for?” “Don’t you remember me asking you about cooking,” said the Stranger.

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