Page 10 - GM-Skillet Man
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   Then from out of a larger sack he pulled something almost as interesting as the “fire stick”. “What is that” ask the Caveman. The Stranger replied, “I am not able to pronounce the word used by the people who created this wonderful thing. But it translates to “skill to eat with” but I just call it a skillet. This is what we will use to cook our food.”
Now the Caveman had see enough magic already that day but he was still interested to know what “cook” meant. The Stranger told the Caveman to bring some of his stored food while the Stranger looked around, picking certain grasses and plants.
Then the Stranger put everything they had gathered into the skillet and poured in a little water. He then placed the skillet into the fire. “Your skillet does not burn,” remarked the Caveman. “It does something else that is almost magical, just watch what happens,” replied the Stranger.

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