Page 12 - GM-Skillet Man
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     The Stranger and Caveman spend several weeks together, hunting, eating and telling tall tales. Then one morning the Stranger told the Caveman that he would have to leave that day and wanted to give him some presents for being so kind to him.
First, he pulled out a small piece of the “strange skin” that he put his ‘fire sticks” in to keep them out of the weather. “This is very special cloth that will not burn. This is the only piece I have left, please accept this gift.” He also gave him several of the fire sticks. “These will last for a very long time if you are careful with them. Rap two fire sticks in the cloth and check on them three times a day to make sure they are still glowing. If one goes out, replace it.
Then he gave the Caveman a small skillet. “Although this will not burn, it will burn you. Never touch it until it is cool. If you follow these simple rules your life will be much better.” The Caveman thanked the Stranger as he left the clearing.

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