Page 11 - GM-Skillet Man
P. 11

    As the two of them watched, the water in the skillet began to jiggle. Then it began to bubble like swift water going over a rock in a stream. What is happening in your skillet,” asked the Caveman. “Cooking,” replied the Stranger with a smile.
The Caveman watched intently as the food in the skillet “cooked.” Then the Stranger said, “I think it is ready to eat. Do you have any drinking bowls?"
The Caveman produced two bowls and the Stranger dipped each full of what he had been cooking in the skillet. Following the Stranger’s lead, the Caveman blew on the steaming bowls and then slowly took a small sip.
The Caveman’s eyebrows went up and he smiled a big smile. “This is delicious.” “Wait until it cools a little and then try the vegetables and meat” advised the Stranger. Once cool, the Caveman emptied his bowl and went back to the skillet for more of everything and he could not stop smiling.

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