Page 13 - GM-Skillet Man
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        The Stranger had given the Caveman some specific rules to follow. These rules would make sure he was able to keep and use the Stranger’s “gifts”. But the first thing the Caveman told himself, after the Stranger left was, “why keep two ‘fire sticks’ burning at all times. I will use them up twice as fast. One stick at a time is good enough.”
Later, the Caveman invited his friends to see this great “cooking thing” given to him by the Stranger. Unfortunately for the Caveman, the Stranger had done all the cooking, so the Caveman was not very skilled at cooking. It took him a long time to get himself organized, put all the food in the skillet and build the fire.
His friends were complaining about being hungry. They were impressed with the fire but did not understand why he put the dried meat and potatoes into this “skillet thing” when they could be eating them right now. The Caveman was getting increasing worried about what his friends were saying and forgot all the Stranger’s rules and warnings.

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