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Cosmos Explains The Skillet Man
It is always great when I can tell a story that has human characters in it because you humans are so funny.
This little tale is about a caveman and the stranger he meets on cold day. You can tell from the story that the “Stranger” has traveled a lot, knows many things and has great things with him like the “fire sticks” and
the skillet.
The “Caveman” on the other hand has never been anywhere, doesn’t know much about the rest of the world and has a pretty hard life.
The Stranger knows that some people are kind and some are not, so he appreciates the kindness of the Caveman. He demonstrates how he can make fire and then he shows the Caveman how to use another great invention, the skillet, to ‘cook’ food.
Now think about what life would be like if you have no way to keep warm in the winter and all the food you have to eat would be uncooked. Sounds like you would be living just like us animals.
Even though they lived together for several weeks, the Caveman apparently was not paying much attention because after the Stranger left, he did not know how to cook the food.

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