Page 16 - GM-Skillet Man
P. 16

The Caveman did not follow the Stranger’s instructions about how to keep the fire sticks working because he was concerned about using them up too quickly.
When his friends came for a visit, the Caveman wanted to impress them with the fire and cooking. He was very nervous because he was overly concerned about their opinion of him.
In fact, he was so nervous about it that he burned his hand trying to pick up the skillet and then spilled the skillet, putting out the fire.
The Caveman had not been paying attention and he did not follow the Stranger’s directions. This caused him to not only ruin the meal but to loose the ability to use the fire sticks.
In his embarrassment he became angry and threw the Stranger’s gifts into the river. These gifts were not available for use again for many, many years.
Make sure that you learn to pay attention and always follow directions or some day you may find yourself living in a cold damp cave.

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