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For Parents The Skillet Man
This story is about two very valuable skills that children need to learn early and well. These are the skills of paying attention and following directions.
Much wasted time and effort, not to mention frustration and aggravation, are the result of children not having mastered these skills. But is it their fault?
Think about the lives of children throughout the ages. There were a few tasks that they had to master such as getting water, knowing what was food and the sounds of predators.
The result of not mastering these tasks were serious enough that those who did not master them... you know the rest.
In modern society children have to learn many complex skills, from tying shoes to learning the alphabet. These tasks seem simple to the adult but we have forgotten just how difficult they were when we were young.
Our brains seem designed to “disengage” when the task does not correspond with something already “wired” into it.

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