Page 14 - GM-Skillet Man
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       In his excitement to show off his great gift, the caveman forgot what the Stranger had told him about the skillet not burning but that it could burn you. In his confusion, he grabbed the skillet, burning his hand. Then he dropped the skillet into the fire. Steam rose from the sputtering fire. All of the Caveman’s friends were laughing and one of them said, “I bet potatoes and carrots with fire ash will taste real good.” “No problem,” the Caveman hurriedly told his guests as he reached into his pack for his “fire sticks”. But he forgotten to check them during the day and it had gone out.
Since he had only packed one, now he had no burning fire sticks. With no fire or burning fire stick, he had no way to make another fire. “This skillet thing is great to put out a fire and ruin your food, I must get one for myself,” snickered one of his friends. The Caveman was so upset that he threw the skillet and fire sticks into the river. It was another 5,000 years before humans were able to take advantage of the gifts and wisdom of the Skillet Man.

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