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Cosmos Explains The Fussy Ferret
Sometimes I have to tell a sad story and this is one of those. The young ferret that I called “Fussy Ferret” was different from the other ferrets in the family in one important way. This ferret fussed and tried to get out of learning and doing things that needed to be learned and done.
While others were learning about keeping clean and getting food, Fussy Ferret was ignoring the lessons. Maybe Fussy assumed that being clean was not important or that someone else would always provide him food.
But the one thing Fussy did learn was that fussing got him out of having to do things he did not want to do, no matter how important. For a while, that was not going to cause him a lot of trouble but when winter came and everyone in the family had to take care of themselves... well I think you know what happened.
It would have been nice if Fussy Ferret had realized that adults don’t try to teach you things just because they want you to be bored or just because these things are difficult. They want you to learn them because they will be useful for you in the future.
For you, your future may seem a long way off. You may think of it as when you go to college, get a job or have a family. But what you may not realize is that things you learn today may be very important in that “future”. So don’t be like the Fussy Ferret, learn everything you can now because you may need to use it in your future.

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