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For Parents The Fussy Ferret
Cosmos Crow will use this brief opportunity to explain the major points in each story. In this way, you will be able to insure that your child is learning how to develop Good Thinking, so that they will have OK Emotions and Thumbs Up Behavior.
These are the skills necessary for a successful and happy life.
You probably know “fussy ferrets” either in your own family or in the family of friends. They are the child (sometimes the adolescent) that is resentful of requests, which seem reasonable and appropriate. It almost always seems that there is a constant “turf war” going on with no good outcome in sight.
The story obviously has a sad ending for Fussy Ferret but that is not an unusual consequence for the Stinky Thinking illustrated by the fussy character.
An unwillingness to comply with the rules of the family, school and adults in authority can lead to a life of poor social relationships, unemployment, drug abuse and criminal behavior.

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