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What is unusual in the story is that the mother ferret recognized that this Thumbs Down behavior of the young ferret was not her fault and that she would do him no good service by being an “enabler” rather than letting him experience the natural consequences of his behavior.
We don’t really know what ultimately happened to Fussy Ferret but most of us have known people like him. They continued in this style of thinking and behavior because they could “get away with it” and someone else was always willing to “save” them.
The story parallels real life because most of the real life “Fussy Ferrets” that don’t change, eventually do experience real life serious negative consequences because of their immature thinking and behavior.
Parents when dealing with “fussy ferrets” should remember the Coping Skills Life Rule # 3... “I shall not do for others the things that they could and should do for themselves.” This is not being mean, it is being a good and compassionate parent.
Encouraging and perhaps insisting that your children
do the things they need to do to succeed in life may be difficult for you but it will be the best thing you can ever do for them.

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