Page 5 - GM-Fussy Ferret
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      There was the mother and she had four little ferrets. She went about feeding them and keeping them clean when they very young. But now it was time for them to learn to be more on their own, as it is with all animals.
The first thing the mother ferret was teaching them was about finding their own food. Now I know that you
humans have it very easy when it comes to getting food but we have to work to get everything we eat. I thought that the mother was doing a pretty good job teaching this lesson. Then one of the ferrets started fussing, “I don’t want to go out in the woods looking for food, it is too hot and I might get lost.”
His mother explained that it really was not that hard but he just kept on fussing, “There are three others and they can find plenty enough food for all of us including me.”

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