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      Well, his mother was very patient as are most animal parents and she kept trying to get him to understand that he really needed to learn how to find food. He said, “Oh I will learn but not right now, maybe when it's cooler.”
I had to laugh to myself because this little ferret sounded a lot like some human children I have heard talking to their parents, “Its too hard” or “I’m too tired.” I believe that you humans fuss more than any other animal.
Then the little Fussy Ferret’s mother did something I rarely see... she quit trying to convince him to learn how to find his own food. She just took the other three and went into the woods. Later that day I woke from a nap to hear the Fussy Ferret complaining about how little food had been brought back for him. But his mother and the other three just went into their hole (which is their house) and slammed the door.

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