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Paulo, Rondônia, Goiás, Tocantins, Mato Gros- so, Mato Grosso do Sul and Minas Gerais; three in Paraguay; two in Uruguay; and one in Co- lombia.  e geographic diversity of production in South America is strategic, placing the Com- pany closer to cattle suppliers and giving it better control of the health risks of this activity as well as competitive operating costs. G4-5 | G4-6 | G4-7 Total slaughter capacity at these units was 17,330 head of cattle per day in 2016, with a deboning capacity of 20,316 heads/day. Net sales revenue for the year totaled R$9.65 million.
 rough its nine sales o ces – in Algeria, Chi- na, Chile, Lebanon, Russia, Iran, the United States, Colombia and Saudi Arabia – Minerva Foods operates in over 100 countries on  ve continents, in addition to running 11 distribu- tion centers, eight of which are in Brazil, one in Paraguay, one in Colombia and one in Chile. G4-6
To be a global provider of quality food, with social, economic and environmental responsi- bility. Minerva adopts a high level of operation- al e ciency, promoting teamwork, valuing its employees and fostering respect and trust in its business areas.
To be the most e cient company in the market, always seeking to maximize return on invested capital across its business segments through ap- propriate risk management policies.
VALORES G4-56 • Integrity
• Commitment • Responsibility • Initiative
• Cooperation
• Simplicity
• Determination

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