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2016 Sustainability Report
Business and products
As a commodities producer, Minerva Foods seeks to add value to slaughter byproducts, in ad- dition to verticalizing the brand through a pro- duction and distribution chain that includes an e cient and sustainable operation. Over recent years, the Company has invested in expanding its production capacity, in its distribution net- work and in diversifying its product portfolio. As a result, in 2016 net revenue was R$9.65 mil- lion, up by 1.3% year-over-year.
 e Company also resells and distributes prod- ucts made by third-parties, such as vegetables and lamb, poultry and  sh proteins, serving cus- tomers in the food industry, retailers and food processing plants. Industrialized products are made using beef, such as canned meats (cubed beef and roast beef) and byproducts of animal origin are also sold.
Moreover, Minerva Foods works with distribu- tion in the domestic market, through a one-stop shop model, adopted as a commercial service strategy. Around 57,000 points of sale in Brazil are served under this concept, most of which are small and mid-sized retailers and food service customers, o ering perishable frozen and refrig- erated products made by the Company or sup- plied by third-parties (poultry, pork,  sh, cheese, frozen vegetables and more).  e one-stop shop is a tool to build customer loyalty through e ec- tive deliveries, guaranteed within 24 hours a er purchase. G4-8
Minerva Foods maintains the following divi- sions for the processing and sale of products:
Minerva Beef
Operating with commodities and value-add- ed products in Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Colombia.
Pul Industrial Unit, in Uruguay

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