Page 19 - Minerva Foods Sustainability Report 2016
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Minerva Biodiesel
A unit producing biofuel using cattle tallow and other renewable energy resources, with a social seal granted by the Ministry of Agricultural Devel- opment from Brazil.
Minerva Casings
Produces and sells natural casings used in the pro- duction of cold-cuts and sausages.
Minerva Leather
Is tasked with selling the Company’s wet blue and semi- nished leather to companies in the furniture, auto, footwear and decorative items industries.
Minerva Live Cattle Export
Works with live cattle exports to various markets, meeting the speci cations required by customers in di erent regions and within di erent cultures around the world.
Minerva Fine Foods
Is responsible for creating, developing and produc- ing items using cooked, roasted and grilled poultry, pork and beef.
Minerva Energia
A company in the Minerva Foods group created to manage exposure in the electric energy market for the group’s units in Brazil and abroad, in addition to exploring business opportunities in this market with commercial partners.
 e result of partnerships with the best producers in the refrigerated, frozen or processed beef, pork, lamb or poultry meat segments. Intermeat is wide- ly recognized as the largest operator of meat sales in Mercosur.
Companhia Sul Americana de Pecuária (CSAP)
Produces and sells cattle in di erent systems and categories, developing partnerships with customers and suppliers, in addition to following the strictest regulatory criteria.

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