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2016 Sustainability Report
iro do Meio Ambiente e dos Recursos Naturais Renováveis – IBAMA), implementing a plat- form of geospatial monitoring of deforestation in the Amazon biome (PRODES and DETER), maintained by the National Institute for Space Research (Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espa- ciais – INPE).
Over the year, sales transactions were carried out with 4,684 livestock farmers, 2,493 of whom were new suppliers that were all registered and submitted to veri cation of the criteria men- tioned above.  is critical analysis of docu- ments is done by the Sustainability team along with other areas and takes place when the sup- plier registers; moreover, every time a purchase is made the IBAMA an MTE list is checked and geospatial analyses are once again performed.  e company does not do business with sup- pliers that have caused labor, human rights and social and environmental impacts. G4-LA15 | G4-HR6 | G4-HR11 | G4-SO10
Every year Minerva sends an o cial letter to ev- ery regional FUNAI coordinator in order to  nd if there are any new records of indigenous land invasions. If found, the person responsible for the property must go to the regional agency to prove that there is no evidence of invasion. G4-HR8
It is important to underscore that the Compa- ny only maintains relations with suppliers who comply with the criteria covered above.
Minerva Foods is a signatory to a series of com- mitments and pacts, in addition to participating in discussions relevant to its business – held by industry organizations – and for the sustainable development of the country.
All Company units respect internal cattle pro- curement procedures, based on commitments and pacts signed, available to all employees on the intranet.

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