Page 52 - Minerva Foods Sustainability Report 2016
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2016 Sustainability Report
Farm in Paraguay
welfare area.  is organization follows the rec- ommendation of the "AMI Handling Guide and Audit 8.2012" Guide for slaughter and transport of production animals, according to humane principles. FP2
Minerva Foods uses the same care when ac- quiring animals from third parties: providing livestock farmers with a guidebook containing information on management and animal wel- fare, which highlights the importance of caring
for herds and the impacts of not adopting best practices. In 2016, 1,393,105 head of cattle were slaughtered in Brazil, including steers and heif- ers, raised in a grassfed system, using modi ed con nement, on feedlots and on drylots. All purchases (100%) were made from suppliers that comply with the Company's requirements. If a supplier does not ful ll cattle procurement procedure criteria, the contract is not  nalized. FP1 | FP9

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