Page 53 - Minerva Foods Sustainability Report 2016
P. 53

Percentage and total of animals raised and/or processed, by type and farming type FP9
Type of system
Number %
Number %
41,296 3
73,657 5
32,797 2
1,353 0
Number %
Number %
58,137 8
160,887 26
36,351 14
- -
27 2
Feedlot 614,073 44
Grassfed 273,623 20
Modi ed con nement 284,162 20
Drylot* 72,145 5
Not classi ed* - -
655,369 674,451 92
347,280 455,121 74
316,959 231,103 86
73,498 - -
- 1,181 98
* In 2016 an electronic system was adopted, which is why there was a rede nition.
Trusting Bond
Under the auspices of the program, in 2016 channels of communication were strengthened with livestock farmers, which included sending reports with analyses of the Company's results, market and climate trends, and con nement studies to over 5,000 registered farmers.  is initiative was aimed at encouraging adoption of sustainable practices and strengthened relations between the Company and its suppliers, insofar as market conditions become a common asset, making more transparent, more agile and low- er risk negotiations feasible and contributing to the development of Brazilian livestock farming.  e program includes publication of reports online at and e-mail- ing of material to registered livestock farmers. Notable among these are:
• Climate report, with climate variation by re- gion, written in an appropriate language to orient livestock activities.
• Reports that consolidate the Company's quar- terly results, published using simpli ed and summarized language.
• Con nement study, providing analyses and information on con nement market trends.
• A packing list, which includes additional in-
formation on slaughter, advising suppliers re- garding the animal slaughtered, its fat cover class and age, among other aspects.
 e Company also maintains the Supplier Ser- vice (Serviço de Atendimento ao Fornecedor – SAF), a channel to communicate with suppliers that provides answers to questions related to Livestock Farming.
@ + Pro table
In partnership with the São Paulo State Agribusi- ness Technology Agency (Agência Paulista de Tecnologia de Agronegócios – APTA), which pro- vides technical support for animal nutrition pro- grams, @ + Pro table o ers advances on funding needed to acquire supplements or feed for rearing to fattening. It also provides advice for livestock farmers on boosting productivity and generating revenue based on an improved diet and a conse- quent higher carcass weight. Forty- ve livestock farmers joined the program in 2016.
Talking Livestock
Among the initiatives developed by Trusting Bond is the "Talking Livestock" project, with talks and  eld visits coordinated by Minerva Foods technicians, zootechnicians, veterinari- ans and agronomists, discussing sustainability, quality, animal welfare and other matters, in line with regional realities.

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