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2016 Sustainability Report
Pul Industrial Unit, in Uruguay
 e Integrated Management System (SGI) is an area that covers standardization of internal process- es related to the Health and Safety, Environment, Food Safety and Social Responsibility departments, allowing for a global vision of opportunities and demands and contributing to creating value for the various stakeholders and the business.  rough the SGI, Minerva Foods aims to assure that all stan- dards and limits established by law are respected, in order to more e ciently achieve production pro- cesses and minimize potential impacts and risks from activities.
One of the functions of the SGI is dissemination and integration of best practices.  at means that employees are encouraged to learn about and pro-
mote these principles. Every year, the Company holds SGI Week, which gathered over 11,000 peo- ple at 13 units in 2016 and relied on participation of members from every sector, including upper management. Environment Week and Internal Occupational Accident Prevention Week (SIPAT, its acronym in Portuguese) are also part of Jorna- da SGI, as is training on Food Safety.
During the year, SGI Week broadened its scope of action to also integrate good practice pro- cedures in other businesses (Minerva Leath- er, Minerva Biodiesel, Minerva Casings and CSAP), in addition to the corporate o ces and units in Paraguay, Uruguay and Colombia.

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