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      FalCom PTT & ITE
Comfort / Clarity / Protection
The FalCom is one of the easiest and most advanced headset/PTT systems
to use. Simply connect the system to a radio and it’s ready to go. The FalCom utilizes modular radio/device interface cables that allow the user to interface with the newest radios, legacy radios, ICS systems for ground, fixed/rotary wing aircraft and maritime platforms.
• High grade hearing aid transducers to optimize clarity in the hear through path
• Best in class comfort, with optimized ergonomic earpiece and shapeable earhook
• Kevlar re-enforced headset cable with pull strength of more than 22kg
• Situational protection which protects the warfighte from impulses and continuous noise while allowing full situational awareness
• Dual source voice pickup to get the best of bothworlds • Support up to 4 channel input and multiple talk groups
FALCOM PTT & ITE in partnership with GN
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