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                                                       FalCom ITE HS-2000 HEADSET
Comfort / Clarity / Protection
Our HS-2000 Headset is designed based on our Full Mission - Comfort, Clarity and Protection approach to advanced hearing protection to ensure that the warfighter stays connected while protected.
Headset HS-2000 Technical Details
Weight, incl cable and connector Pull Strength
IP Rating
Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature
Black and Desert Sand
H: 18.5mm W: 12.8mm L: 19.11mm 57g
IP68 (2M for 2 hours)2
-40 F to 140 F; -40 C to 60 C
-40 F to 160 F; -40 C to 71 C
1Including part going into the ear canal. Without part in the ear canal the L-dimension is 11.5mm to the top of the strain relief and 7.25mm to the microphone port.
• Best in class comfort, with optimized ergonomic earpiece and shapeable earhook
2 When correctly inserted in ear
• High grade hearing aid transducers to optimize clarity in the hear through path
Hearing Protection
• Best in class Noise protection with NRR 31 (ANSI 3.19) and NRSA 35 (ANSI 12.6)
NRR 31 dB (ANSI 3.19) NRSA 35 dB (ANSI 12.68)
• 6 available sizes of Comply tips with wax protection
125 250 500 1k 2k 4k 8k 31.9 30.6 33.5 34.8 35.4 37.0 41.4
• Earpiece made in high-strength hearing aid plastic, to avoid skin irritation
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FALCOM PTT & ITE in partnership with GN
• Kevlar re-enforced headset cable with pull strength of more than 22kg

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