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                                                             FalCom PTT MULTI-FUNCTION
Comfort / Clarity / Protection
Colors Size1 Weight
Black and Desert Sand
H: 70mm W: 65mm L: 29mm 150g
Our MFC-2400 Multi-Function Control box is designed based on our Full Mission - Comfort, Clarity, and Protection approach to advanced hearing protection to ensure that
the warfighter stays connected while protected.
1 Not counting connectors
Environmental Data
• Situational protection which protects the warfighter from impulse and continuous noise while allowing full situational awareness
IP Rating
Operating temperature Storage temperature
IP68 (2M for 2 hours)
-40 F to 140 F; -40 C to 60 C -40 F to 160 F; -40 C to 71 C
• True parasitic power draw: Ultra low power consumption ensuring that the warfighter does not need additional radio batteries due to the advanced hearing protection system
• True natural hearing with unparalleled Clarity
• 3D Channels separation to optimize speech understanding • Full SW Updatable System
• Support up to 4 channel input and multiple talk groups
• Designed to MIL-STD-810 F/G and MIL-STD-461 F
System Performance (with HS-2000)
FALCOM PTT & ITE in partnership with GN
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Power Consumption
Power Consumption
More than 200 hours
Use time on AA battery (via battery dongle)
System bandwidth for hear through
>10 kHz
< 5 Degree

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