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Designed to modern building codes,
                    our Cabin/Homes only look like
                          rus c, old  me cabins.

      Standard Features:
                                                     2X12 RAFTER
        R19 insulated walls,  R38 ceilings   CONTINOUS AIR SPACE
                                  30 YR ARCHITECTURAL  SHINGLES
        Lo e, argon filled insulated windows   5/8" SHEATHING
        2x6 framing, 2x12 rafters                                VAPOR BARRIER
        T-1-11  5/8” exterior sheathing w/2   CEDAR FASCIA      R38  INSULATION
        coats of stain                                      3/4" PINE
        Architectural  30 year shingles   ALUMINUM SOFFIT
                                                            3/4" PINE
        All interior finishes are pine...walls,   2X6 STUDS
        ceilings and floors
                                                          VAPOR BARRIER
        Custom built, rustic kitchen cabinets,   T-1-11 SIDING
        interior cabin style doors, window                 R19 FIBERGLASS INSULATION
        shelves and electrified oil lamp
        lighting                                            PINE PLANK FLOORING
                                      ALUMINUM FLASHING        3/4" OSB DECKING
        Includes allowance for well and                          FOAM INSULATION
        conventional septic         2' FOAM PERIMETER
        Forced air furnace                                     VAPOR BARRIER
                                                    #8 REBARS  CONCRETE FOOTING
                                                              & SLAB
        Built on an insulated slab with 4’ of
        exterior perimeter insulation               STANDARD SECTION
      Options, Changes & Upgrades:

        Various exterior sidings including log, cedar, LP Smart Siding and other maintenance free sidings
        Decks, patios, screened porches
        Additional bathrooms, bedrooms, dining rooms
        Can be built on a walkout basement

        Gas or wood fireplaces and stoves
        Patio doors, gable windows, additional windows
        Air conditioning
        Just about anything else you can think of.
      True turnkey service:  We can handle site preparation, permits, lot clearing, driveways, excavating, well,
      septic and every other detail of the project.  We have been designing and building homes in the  Eagle
      River area since 1993.  Our cabin/homes are customized to your needs...we’ve never built the exact
      same model twice.

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