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About Basements…
        Modern basements are a lot more than just a concrete foundation. Today’s basements must
        meet strict energy codes which require them to be insulated to similar R values as the rest of
        the house.  In addition to insulating the walls, we always place Styrofoam under the slab as
        well.  There are various ways to insulate a basement depending on how the basement will be
        used.   Our most common and best method of insulating is to attach Styrofoam directly to the
        interior of the foundation wall.  We then build a 2x4 stud wall in front of the Styrofoam.  R-11
        fiberglass is placed  between the studs and then protected by  a layer of 1/2” drywall.
        Electrical outlets can be installed  at this time if desired.    Our basements are designed to be
        warm & dry and feel just like the rest of the house.   In-floor plumbing for a future bathroom
        can be installed prior to pouring the floor.

             If more space is desired,  the house can be built on an insulated basement.
               Insulated basements are available either unfinished or complete with
                                 finished living space.

            This home is built on a walk-out basement.  Walkout walls can be finished in a
             variety of materials.  This basement wall was finished with cultured stone.

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