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  Tennessee high school 4-H students participate in the “Know Your Government” session in the Tennessee Capitol building at the 71st Tennessee 4-H Congress.
“I gave leadership to the overall staff that were involved in creating the experience,” Clark said, adding that he was mostly there to make sure things ran smoothly.
The College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, as well as the ALEC department specifically, see benefits from
its involvement. The CASNR ambassadors, a group of students involved in the recruitment of prospective students, set up an exhibit during congress to interact with the students.
“It really opened their eyes because I think sometimes people don’t really understand that 4-H is a part of the university,” said Crowe.
He also mentioned that the presence of ALEC
staff at congress helps students make the connection between 4-H and the extension agents that run it, potentially leading to an increase in enrollment in the program. James Swart, a graduate assistant for the 4-H program, also believes that the ALEC staff’s presence at congress is beneficial to the department’s growth.
“Faculty and staff from the department are present at the event and can provide 4-H members with information on the program as well as a real life example of what someone could do after receiving a degree in ALEC,” Swart said.
Clark said that the work of the ALEC
faculty members, particularly at events like congress, has created interest and growth in the department’s graduate program.
“It gives some credibility to our faculty members in the eyes of the Extension employees, so they are getting very interested in the graduate program,” Clark said.
The online master’s program has seen an increase in enrolled Extension agents according to Clark.
As ALEC continues to grow, Clark looks forward to his faculty contributing and enhancing 4-H. Each faculty member brings a unique expertise that not only strengthens the department but the extension work they do as well. p
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