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 “The design and editing skills I have gained through my agricultural communications courses will be used in my career and personal life,” said Stephanie Forman, an agricultural communications student.
“What I have learned through the new curriculum will be useful in any part of life, and I know it will positively influence my future.”
University of Tennessee students have the potential to enter careers in journalism, advertising, public relations, electronic media, marketing, or scientific writing. Potential employers can range from nonprofit organizations, businesses, or governmental positions.
“Being an agricultural communications major has helped prepare me for my future in law by helping me learn to effectively communicate with others,” said Catherine Moore, an agricultural communications student.
New equipment has been integrated into the curriculum to provide hands- on opportunities to work and use the equipment that many agricultural communication graduates will be using in their future careers.
“The skill-based courses coupled with the new equipment bring the curriculum alive,” Leal said. “Students are able to develop important skills, similar to what
 Amy Morgan’s promotional video she developed for CASNR was shown at the 2018 FFA State Convention.
Agricultural communications student McKenzie Hanson learning new aspects of the Canon EOS 70D camera.
will be expected of them in an internship or career.”
Canon EOS 70D cameras, tripods, sound equipment, and light kits have been purchased for students to gain experience. Students are taught how to use this equipment to capture videos and images, and then they use the design concepts taught to package their product for dissemination.
Amy Morgan is a food and agriculture business major but has teamed up with Leal to pursue her interests with communications.
“Using the new ALEC camera equipment has been so convenient and helpful,” Morgan said. “I can now make videos, use all the equipment, and I have learned organizational skills by using the equipment. Being able to learn like this is going to help me in my future career when making videos.”
The new curriculum has allowed students to create stronger portfolios to capture their skills and made them more competitive when applying for internships and jobs. The combined skill-sets taught in the new agricultural communications curriculum aides graduates in developing personally and professionally, ultimately creating a stronger agricultural communication workforce. p
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