Page 26 - The ALEC Gazette-2018
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  Creating New Opportunities
By Kallie Hopper
A gricultural communications has been a fast-growing concentration within the department of agricultural leadership, education and communications. With the addition of Arthur Leal, assistant
professor of agricultural communications, major changes have been implemented in the curriculum for agricultural communication students.
This curriculum offers new courses and equipment that have allowed students to gain experience related to their future careers. These changes have the potential to produce more prepared graduates for the workforce.
The focus of the new agricultural communications curriculum is to instill technical and social skills designed to encourage creativity and challenge students’ thinking. Students use this knowledge to explore different electronic media outlets, delve into agricultural issues and build a professional appearance.
Students learn about issues management and create an electronic portfolio to capture their skills. Technical skills such as using equipment and software for design, video, and writing are crucial for agricultural communicators entering the workforce.
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