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 By Carolyn J. Phinney life CoaCh transformation & loa
What is the last thing you did that involved courage? For me, it may be writing this piece. I don’t always know or expect everything I say to be well re- ceived. As a Life Coach that focuses on a client’s transforma- tion, it happens. Ha! But, se- riously, let’s talk about this little 7 letter word that packs such a wallop in life.
One of my pleasures is watching American Idol. To some, this may be just some realty show that flaunts people. Back in the day, that may be the case. I will say, over the last 4 years, I have seen something dif- ferent. During all of the audi-
tions, you see people going after their dream. I get blown away when I see a 27-year-old or a 15-year-old walk into the room to sing in front of major stars (one of decades, Lionel Richie). I am amazed at their courage. They walk in and sing, and they are judged! Each and every one of them is going after a dream of theirs and they are summon- ing up every bit of courage they have to do it. Then I hear terms coming out of the judge’s mouth that just ring in my ears; “thank you for the courage to push against you comfort zone” and “being comfortable at being un- comfortable”. A TV show it is, but the courage that is shown is the same courage that may get someone to try to walk again, or
sign up for the course, or to write the book.
See, everyone has a dream. Everyone has fear. Fear of not making it to the finish line, fear of standing in front of the crowd, fear they may never lose the weight, fear they will fail. Fear of failure sounds like the biggest fear of all. Yet have you ever looked at the fear of succeeding? When going after your dreams, there is fear. What if I really do succeed? Then what? I know what will happen if I fail, I’ve been down that road. Been there, done that. But I don’t know about actually reaching my dreams and experi- encing them. There is a saying, “be careful what you ask for, you just may get it.” WOW! Think about that.... what a limiting instills fear of getting it. But, with fear can come cour- age. Courage is trying. Courage is facing the fears and saying, “I’d rather say I tried then not say I tried at all” and then ACTION by trying. Courage is looking at
the excuses of why you cannot or listening to the old beliefs of why you shouldn’t and FACING them...pushing them all the way to their limits until they break. Courage is pushing your comfort zone – whether you are comfort- able with it or not. By living on the edge of fear, by pushing your comfort zone to go after your dreams.... that is courageous.
You are courageous. What is one thing you can do today to push out of the comfort zone and start lining you up with your dreams, your goals, your desires? One action item? List it...then DO IT. Just one. Look up the course or sign up, send in an audition video, make a post, take an extra five steps, put the drink down, eat the salad, ask for forgiveness or tell the person you love them...every action is a step into your new world. A world you can make by being courageous.
My action step is an offer to anyone reading this. I am gift-
ing each one of you a coaching session to work on your dreams andtoseeifIamtheright coach for you. Just message me at and we will set up a time for a phone call. Why is this courageous for me? No one may reach out. SomemayandsayIamajoke or a fraud. Or, worse (fear of success), I could have 1,000 calls to do. My calling is to help peo- ple help themselves. If this reso- nates with you, take the step, and have the courage to reach out. If it does not resonate, that’s fine too. Either way, always remind yourself this, you will always have fear but with that fear you are blessed with a very precious gift – courage. Use that gift to go after your dreams.
Carolyn J. Phinney is an certified Personal and Business Coach/Reiki Master/Law of Attraction Master Coach/Yoga Instructor and can be reached at
Courage: noun: the ability to do something that frightens one
  Book of the Month: Verity
 By: Brittany amalfi
Welcome to the book of the month section of Newfound Lake Life! If you’re looking for a new read, I’ll be reviewing a different book every month that has the potential to be your next favorite story! Each review will have a short summary of the book and a spoiler-free review so I don’t fail you on the shock value. I’m excited to kick off our first book of the month with Ver- ity by Colleen Hoover!
Verity should be the next book to add to that TBR list for those who enjoy creepy thrillers packed with romance. Lowen Ashleigh, a struggling writer, hits a big break with Jeremy Crawford, husband of the bestselling author, Verity Crawford. Jeremy wants Lowen to complete Verity’s remaining books that she cannot write due to her permanent injuries. Since Lowen is on the verge of a finan- cial disaster, she has no choice but to accept Jeremy’s generous offer. Lowen believes she can get
in and out of the Crawford house in no time to do the research and write the books, but when she ar- rives, her plan takes a major turn. Once Lowen finds an unfinished autobiography written by Verity with dark and terrifying secrets that no one was ever supposed to see, Lowen is swept into a chill- ing adventure. And with Low- en’s feelings for Jeremy growing day by day, creepy things begin to take place in the Crawford
home, which leads to the ques- tion—how permanent are Verity’s injuries?
Colleen Hoover delivered us a spine-chilling story that perfectly balanced dark elements with cap- tivating romance. It was a wild, terrifying ride from the first page all the way to the end with the unsettling twists that Lowen was faced with throughout the story. Not only was the story tremen- dously compelling, but Hoover’s effortless writing style and relat- able characters also drove the story to be an addictive read. Lowen and Jeremy’s dynamic hooked readers in from the first few pages and had me rooting for them until the very end. Their interesting relationship was filled with passion and secrets that gave the story an evocative feel that makes these stories worth telling. Verity will have you questioning absolutely everything about this story and if you decide to pick up this book, the ending will leave you utterly speechless.

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