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with a few famous SEALs over there. Guests can also enjoy some live music with the State Police marching band. The Vet- eran Festival will be held from 2 pm-6 pm with a ten-dollar donation for general admission. Families also have the oppor- tunity to do a family pack for forty dollars that includes up to six tickets.
From 5 pm to 9 pm, there will be a special VIP event with a hundred-dollar donation for admission. VIP guests can enjoy conversations with the Navy SEALs, a silent auction, food, beverages, and live music. You can view the full tentative schedule for the day right on their website, Swimwithamis-
Phil and Julie had always wanted to start a swim race, and they thought Newfound Lake was the perfect place to do it. With the money they’ve raised, they select five to ten organizations a year where they can support their veterans.
 The services range from schol- arships for children of a parent who died in service, taking care of homeless veterans, providing rides and financial assistance to Veterans, providing health care services to Veterans, providing permanent housing for Veter- ans, K9’s for Veterans, and help with PTSD. And with COVID happening last year, the need became even larger, and peo- ple need their help. “We have big dreams on where we can go with this,” Julie said. Taub continued, “ We have big eyes, big dreams, and a big won- derful team, and we want to help.” With the impact Swim with a Mission has made over the past few years, the commu- nity is coming together to help improve veteran’s lives in the best way they can. Taub stated, “The biggest lesson we’ve learned is that if you put your heads together, you can help people. This whole thing turned out to be more rewarding than we ever thought.” For more in- formation on the SWAM event, the organization, and dona- tions, check out swimwithamis-
Hayden’s Lemonade Stand
 Hayden Sousa is one ambi- tious seven-year-old! A soon- to-be third-grader at BES, Hayden, wanted to start a lem- onade stand for a wonderful cause. My daughter’s father, Brandon Sousa, Staff Sergeant in the U.S. Army, is currently deployed overseas for a 1-year deployment. She came to me a few months back and asked if she can have a lemonade stand. I said, of course, and asked her what she was going to do with the money. She said she wanted to send daddy toothbrushes and candy.
Well, anyone that knows me knows I don’t do anything on a small scale. SO, our goal is to have a few lemonade stands throughout the summer. Our hope is to raise enough money to send LOTS of care packages to the men and women fighting each and every day for our free- dom.
Come on down and get a glass of fresh-squeezed lemonade and support a little girl with a giant heart! Hayden’s next lemonade
stand will be July 3rd and the 4th at Cummings Beach, so come stop by during your fun-filled holiday weekend for some ice- cold lemonade!
If anyone in the commu- nity is interested in donating to Hayden’s lemonade stand, they can contact Jackie Thompson directly at 603-707-6684.

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