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transferred to Bristol Elementary School. For a few years afterward, the old schoolhouse provided a free after-school program for local boys and girls, and when that program ended, adults were invited to use the building for spe- cial gatherings. Sadly, there wasn’t much interest back then, and the school remained silent for a while.
Under the auspices of the Al- exandria Recreational Advisory Council, a nonprofit group that oversees the schoolhouse, the doors are open wide again. With the support of Alexandria’s Board of Selectmen, the group invites the public to consider their facility for any number of uses.
“What we want to do is serve the community once again by meeting the educational needs of both children and adults,” said ARAC director Lorraine Jones.
“We want to make the building a resource for the community.”
Boy Scouts have held meetings at AVS, and the town’s conserva- tion commission is also conduct- ing their meetings at the facility, but there are plenty of openings on the calendar for more activi- ties.
“We have a lot of good ideas for things it can be used for, such as tutoring sessions and computer classes, art workshops, and other programs for kids and adults,” said Jones.
People can also hold talks or discussion groups on various topics, begin a book club, or do demonstrations of specialty crafts such as jewelry, fly tying, or other hobbies.
“We’re open to all kinds of ideas that will keep the commu- nity vibrant and alive,” Jones said.
Much like Tapply-Thompson Community Center in Bristol, ARAC has a charter it must fol-
low, stipulating that programs offered at AVS be affordable and open to the public. For that rea- son, there is little to no charge for scheduling a program or activity at their facility.
The schoolhouse has a “good- sized” meeting room, a small
kitchen area for serving food and beverages, and a playground out back for children who may ac- company their parents to an event or meeting. There is computer service available, but Jones said the council’s next goal is to update that system to provide even better
service and WiFi capabilities in the building.
Alexandria Village School is located at 44 Mount Cardigan Rd. in Alexandria. For more information or to schedule use of the facility, contact Jones at
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