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Say Goodbye to Small Business
BRISTOL—The Newfound Lake Region Association is pleased to welcome local wa- tershed resident Paul Pellissier to the role of Conservation Program Manager. As NLRA’s Conservation Program Man- ager, Paul will lead and grow NLRA’s efforts in water qual- ity monitoring, invasive species management, and stormwater management, as well as over- see the continued restoration and stewardship of Grey Rocks Conservation Area. NLRA Ex- ecutive Director Rebecca Han- son says, “NLRA is growing to meet the conservation needs of Newfound, and adding a Con- servation Program Manager to our team is an exciting step forward. This position strad- dles science, education, and program management, and Paul has shown himself to be uniquely qualified to take on these responsibilities.”
Originally from Pennsyl- vania, Pellissier attended the University of New Hampshire, earning bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Environmental Sci- ence and Natural Resources, and knew he would one day call New Hampshire home. He and his wife spent five years in Wyoming, where he taught courses in environmental prob- lem solving and collaborative decision-making at the Univer- sity of Wyoming, before moving to Bridgewater in 2018.
Since moving to the New- found watershed, Pellissier has run a successful residential con- struction business while also building ties with local non- profits as a volunteer and board member. He is committed to protecting the environment through inclusive processes and
The Newfound Lake Region Association welcomes Paul Pellissier as the new Conservation Program Manager.
education. “NLRA is a state- wide leader in watershed con- servation,” says Pellissier. “I’m looking forward to applying my skills, experience, and passion to protect Newfound’s natural resources.” In his free time, he enjoys rock climbing and backpacking, cycling the area’s byways, and being out on the water sailing and kayaking.
The NLRA’s mission is to protect Newfound Lake and its watershed. The Association – through education, programs, and collaboration – promotes conservation and preservation of the region’s natural, social, and economic resources. With the vision of a cleaner, clearer Newfound Lake within the next decade, NLRA is working to improve environmental health, expand land conservation, in- crease community support, grow watershed stewardship, and boost capacity to deliver their mission. Learn more about employment and volun- teer opportunities and more ways to get involved at New-
Innkeeping has been around since before Jesus’ birth. We inn- keepers have a long and storied history. But thanks to a few Sen- ators, they want to see our liveli- hood pushed to the side. So much for New Hampshire being a great place to run a small business. Even our illustrious Governor is all in for this bill.
I recently testified against SB249 which prohibits towns from banning in any area, short term rentals of any single or dou- ble family home and removes the town’s ability to set regulations, li- censes, or enforcement. To make the bill appear to be regulation, it includes language that that towns MAY enforce short term rentals to register, and MAY collect a nominal fee for it. Doubtful that will happen. Many small towns make up tourist areas – the whole state is a tourist area. But do you truly believe that small towns can pony up money so they can hire a zoning/codes enforcement of- ficer?
Additionally, the person that lists their house for rent does not even need to be on site. They can be in another town, state, or country. How’s that going to work out when the police show up for an out-of-control kegger party?
To become a legitimate bed & breakfast in New Hampshire, one needs to hit certain bench- marks. We must live on site. We need a minimum of 4 rooms to
rent – with no more than 2 rooms sharing a bath., We need to reg- ister our name with the state. We collect the 8.5% meals & rental tax for the state. We need to have our kitchens inspected and licensed. On a side note – many Airbnb’s are serving food – are they inspected? Nope. We need to carry commercial insurance. Rumor has it that AirBnB offers hosts insurance – but seriously, do they really pay out? Your home- owner’s insurance will not cover you if you are collecting money for renting a space. We need to be hardwired to our local fire depts and have that system monitored. Some B&B’s must get their boilers inspected.
One other item that sets us apart. When local charities are looking for donations for an event, raffle, whatever – who do they reach out to? Not AirBnB hosts. I have lost track of the number of gift certificates and breakfast bas- kets I have donated to local – and not so local – charities.
Bed and breakfasts are known for their comfortable surround- ings, quiet areas, and cleanliness. As I look back, bed and break- fasts are never in the news for loud parties, guests that trash the places, fires, or even, deaths. Just in the past year, over 200,000 complaints have been registered with AirBnB. Legitimate bed and breakfasts do not receive com- plaints about over parking. Or
fireworks. Or noise past 11 pm. SB249 is cloaked as allowing the person with a second home torentitaweekortwotohelp pay the taxes. If passed, the bill is going to be a nightmare for towns, and for your neighbor- hood. Under this bill, an invest- ment group can buy all the houses around your property and turn each of them into a short-term rental property--essentially a mini-hotel--and the town can do nothing about it. Or, worse, every affordable house that a working family might buy will be bought up and turned into short term rentals buy a group with a pool of cash. Sort of makes you won- der what kind of cronyism might
have started this bill!
If this is what you want your
neighborhood – and town – to turn into, and if you want legiti- mate bed & breakfasts to become a thing of the past, then do noth- ing.
If you want to preserve the peacefulness of your town then call your representatives and Governor and tell them, you want your town to be allowed to have local control and to vote NO on SB249.
Heidi Milbrand
Owner, Pleasant View
B&B, Bristol
President, New Hampshire B&B Association
22 Hemp Hill Rd, Bristol, NH 603-744-5547
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