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involved with the Knights of Columbus, about 15 years ago, because he was interested in the insurance and making sure his family was taken care of if some- thing happened to him. In fact, Fr. Michael J. McGivney, who founded the Knights of Colum- bus in New Haven, CT in 1882, founded it to serve as a mutual aid and fraternal insurance orga- nization.
“I was interested in the insur- ance, not knowing how proud I would feel of myself for being in the Knights, and after getting in- volved, it wasn’t just about the in- surance, it was about doing what God wants us to do, and that’s giving back, helping those in need. We don’t boast – we don’t do any of that. We just do what wehavetodoasbestaswecan to help out.”
The Bristol Knights of Co- lumbus council 7073 meets on the second Monday of each month. Any Catholic man inter- ested in taking part can call Fred Eichman at (603) 845-8140.
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tol Knights of Columbus council 7073, “We decided to figure something else out, so we exper- imented a few years ago, said ‘let’s have a fish fry! We’ll have it at Lent.’”
The men went out and bought a couple of turkey fryers, one for fish, one for French fries, to make a go of it.
“It was pretty good,” says Eichman, “pretty successful, and people talked about it.”
The newbies to the fish fry scene found cooking the fish challenging with the turkey fryer, so the next fish fry, they bought a regular commercial fryolator.
“That fish fry turned out to be wonderful,” says Eichman. “The next thing you know, we’re doing more and more meals. We started doing around 60 meals at our first one, and now, we have two commercial fryolators, a very good assembly line, with chafing trays to keep everything warm,
and at our last fish fry a couple of weeks ago, we served 142 meals.” Although the overhead is about $800 to put on each fish fry, “our goal is to walk away with at least a couple thousand in our finances, so that we can help peo-
ple,” says Eichman.
The $12 per person meal
($40-42 per family with children up to age 17), gets each patron a good portion of fish, Cole slaw, French fries and a dessert. Eich- man adds, “We do everything by Covid protocols, with packet ketchups and packets of tartar sauce. We’ve been doing about 85% takeout, but we’re also let- ting them sit down with Covid protocol. It’s all safe.”
Despite the pandemic, the Bristol Knights of Columbus have held four successful fish fries (always on Friday), and they’re looking forward to the next on Friday, June 4th.
“Everyone is welcome,” says Eichman, “We have people from all faiths show up. You cannot miss it. It is good fish!” The fish
comes fresh from a local fish- ery, “and then I drive down to a distributor down in Mass., and that’s where I get all the rest of the makings for the Cole slaw, French fries and all of that.”
Proceeds from the fish fry support church members and
“We also helped a single mom with work on her house, and we helped out when there was a very large fire in Bristol. It’s not just our church faith, and our church, but it’s also helping our commu- nity out to the best we can,” says Eichman.
Where Honesty and Integrity
Equals Success 802 Lake Street, Bristol, New Hampshire 03222
brother Knights’ families in need, meals at Thanksgiving for mem- bers of the community and the local food pantry, a scholarship program for Our Lady of Grace parishioners, a new Samarian (student studying for the priest- hood), rosaries for parishioners, and an annual Secret Santa for the entire Newfound Lake area, which saw its busiest year during the pandemic.
The Knights of Columbus is an organization for Catholic males, in good standings with the church. Membership not only offers a sense of brotherhood, connection to the church and opportunity to give back, but Knights can also take advantage of opportunities to purchase life insurance, long term care and annuities.
Eichman says he first became
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