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By Brittany amalfi
As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, we’re all looking for some fun out- door activities. Luckily for New Hampshire residents, there’s no shortage of fun activities for there to do. And for those adrenaline-seeking junkies, New Hampshire is the place to be to get your fix.
Fans of whitewater rafting are about to jump with joy because New England’s first whitewater park will be opening right here in the little town of Franklin, New Hampshire! Set to open on July 12th, 2021, the park will have three whitewater features pad- dling class II, III, and IV white- water. Not only will it have epic whitewater features, but there are also trail systems, a bike pump track, a climbing wall, and cabin and campsite accommodations. This park will sit right on the Winnipesaukee River, and the main goal is to connect the com- munity to the river.
Not only do thrill-seekers have
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the whitewater park to look for- ward to, but just off of I-93 S, lies Rumney Rocks, one of the lead- ing sport climbing destinations in the whole country. Located in the White Mountains National Forest, Rumney Rocks Climb- ing Area offers sport climbing and a mix of traditional climb- ing and bouldering. It’s a great place if you’re looking for some quality places to get outside and rock climb. I had the privilege of speaking to Dave Cook; owner and operator of Barn Door Hos- tel and Campground and Access Fund Community Ambassador. He told me Rumney Rocks is a place for everybody and all abili- ties where people with solid rock climbing knowledge can come and enjoy their day. We all know that rock climbing does require some background knowledge and skill, so keep that in mind when venturing to Rumney. Cook emphasized, “we want people to come and enjoy, but we want people to come and do it the right way.” It’s a no-brainer – rock climbing can be super
dangerous if not done the right way! Cook recommended that if you’re a newcomer, it would be a great idea to hire a guide since Rumney Rocks is highly accessible.
If you plan to go to Rumney Rocks for a day of exciting rock climbing and adventures, make sure to follow the rules and guidelines to keep the people
and the environment safe. The Forest Services works diligently with the climbing community to keep the animals and plant life safe and preserved to continue to maintain and sustain the for- est life. There are many roots, trees, and animals exposed in the Rumney area, so always remem- ber to be mindful. We wouldn’t want to cause any nest failure for those beautiful falcons! We all want to have a long-term, sustainable place to climb and enjoy ourselves, so be sure to read over their rules and regula- tions. You can find more about their management plan at the White Mountain National Forest website, and be sure to check out their “Restore Rumney” cam- paign at
Other than the many world- class rock climbing places in the area, Cook informed me there are plenty of places to go in New Hampshire to fit all of your thrill-seeking needs. You al- ready know about the whitewa- ter park that will be opening up soon. Still, don’t forget to check out more whitewater rafting ad- ventures through Outdoor New England located in Franklin, NH as well! Outdoor New England also offers paddleboarding, fish- ing, and multiple types of kaya- king. A scenic river kayaking trip sounds real nice right about now. And if you’re really looking to get your blood pumping, take a trip to Highland Park over in North- field, New Hampshire, for some exhilarating mountain biking!
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