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Senior Executive Reassignment

               Following major organisational restructuring which merged TAFE and Higher Education
               operations within the dual-sector university in 1996, Bruce was transferred internally and
               developed the role of Deputy Dean - Faculty Development in the Faculty of Biomedical,
               Health Sciences and Nursing. This encompassed a demanding, nevertheless successful, and
               strategic approach to intra- and inter- faculty development in areas including
               philanthropic fundraising, sponsorship, industry and community partnerships, alumni
               involvement, schools’ liaison, commercial activity management, and research.

               Over four years, a key skill necessary was the ability to effectively work across traditional
               hierarchical University boundaries and draw important contributing organisational
               "fragments" into an integrated effort that collaboratively involved the relevant staff. For
               example, one major sponsorship project involved the successful coordination with
               Department staff, to build sponsorship arrangements with two major hospital equipment
               suppliers to outfit a state-of-the-art TAFE nurse training teaching ward. This was an "in-
               kind" partnership agreement and of no financial cost to the University or Faculty.

               Community Service and Program Evaluations

               Membership of community service and health boards of governance is one expression of
               Bruce’s deep concern for the wider community, a concern that requires action, not only
               theorising. He has undertaken voluntary leadership roles with youth and young adults.
               Additionally, within a period of a total of some 18 years as an elected councillor (Elder –
               Community Pastoral Care), he oversaw and formally evaluated many highly successful
               community outreach programs at St. Michael’s Uniting Church, Melbourne; including
               trauma recovery, single living, pre-marriage preparation, social justice, fundraising and
               preparing for sensible aging.

               Career Direction Change

               Consequential to continuing restructuring over 4 years at RMIT University in Melbourne,
               and Bruce’s retrenchment because of the flattening of the organisation, during August
               1999 Bruce purposefully began a huge career direction change, including establishing his
               own business, HEADS TOGETHER. Therefore, over 40 years of work-based experience and
               professionally-driven research now informs the HEADS TOGETHER approach.

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