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HEADS TOGETHER business philosophy


               To be a constructively influential service provider assisting individuals and organisations in
               embracing their uniqueness. Also, to demonstrate that all organisation members
               and supporters can encourage and contribute to admirable organisational functioning.


               We provide integrated education and organisational development advisory and
               implementation services based on pre-eminent resources, including rigorous academic
               research, always presented in an accessible manner, to the public, private, community
               and not-for-profit sectors. We have a broad agenda to improve personal, organisational
               and community outcomes by providing opportunities for practical input from all
               organisation members and supporters from the wider community.


               We have firm collaborative links to specialist Centres and expert sole traders that ensure a
               validation pathway for all work undertaken. We do not subscribe to 'one-size-fits-all'
               approaches or ‘fads’ in the respective fields of service we offer. We advise and help to
               implement customised, long term solutions. Where appropriate we directly involve our
               business partners.

               Skills, Attributes, and Clientele

               Dr Bruce Watson lived in Altona, Victoria, for 20 years. In 2016, he relocated to Clifton
               Springs on The Bellarine Peninsula, Victoria. HEADS TOGETHER is now offering services in
               the City of Greater Geelong area, and occasionally in Melbourne.

               Professionally he is widely recognised for his people skills, together with the ability to turn
               ideas into appropriate and successful action. In brief, he has active-listening skills, strong
               communication skills, clear thinking, collaborative approach, consultative yet decisive
               manner, firm yet fair management style, ability to satisfy stakeholders with varying

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