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  To cast an electronic vote click the link:
 2018 Family of the Year!
Stan Thorne
OPTION 1: Electronic. Click the below link and vote electronically. You will need your PCA Membership ID #.
OPTION 2: Paper. Please print the page to the right. You can cast your vote the old fashioned way with a paper ballot and your John Handcock. Please mail your vote in as soon as you can. All votes must be in by November 1, 2018.
If you would like to be considered for the KCRPCA board, we want to know. Send me an email or give me a phone call. I can tell you about the positions, what is involved in each of them, and what it is like to serve on the board.
Does being on the board seem like too big of a step? We are always looking for volunteers to help with events. Maybe you would like to lead a Fun Run or just help plan our Christmas party. Whatever you would like to do, we’d be glad to get you involved.
Who knows, you might even become PCA Family of the Year sometime!
- Stan
It Has Been My Pleasure
grow, both in the number of events and in membership. And best of all, attendance. It is up at all of our events.
I have met a lot of really neat people. Some have been in the club for 20+ years and some for two days. Somehow the excitement about driving their cars is the same. It all comes down to this passion we all have about the Porsche brand.
My greatest thrill so far was to be selected as the 2018 PCA Family of the Year! Deborah and I were awarded this honor at the PCA Parade this summer. It is awarded to a family that is “all in.” The Thornes are all in; President, Editor, Webmaster, and the kids have helped with charity events. It is nice to be recognized for our efforts. Somehow it does not seem like work. It seems more like helping with a family.... A big family!
t has been my pleasure to serve as With the sun setting on my time as your president over the last two years. President, it is now time to elect your Ithasbeenalotoffuntoseetheclub 2019 KCRPCA Board Members. We are
collecting votes two ways this year.
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