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 7DID YOU PERSONALIZE YOUR CAR? Actually, I have not done anything to the car. I think its Rhodium Silver Metallic with gray interior is just about perfect. BRIAN BRITTON   8NEXT UPGRADE? Nope. I believe these cars come pretty close to perfect from the factory. I have been tempted by an exhaust now and then, but I think I will keep my cars stock. Call me a purist. 9FAVORITE CAR ADVENTURE? I have had my fair share of long country drives, just simply out enjoying what these fabulous cars are meant for - to be driven.  10ANY FUN CARS GROWING UP? MG Midget and my sister’s Jaguar XKE. They were fun cars to own. 11TOP 3 CARS TO OWN? I really like my Porsches. If I had to pick a few others, I would go with 1) 918 2) Ferrari 488 GTB   3) Pagani Huayra 12FAVORITE VACATION DESTINATION? I travel a lot for work. I’m always happy to come home. ~ Brian Der Sportwagen 21 

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