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 CLUB MEMBERS 12 QUESTIONS MEET A CLUB MEMBER The KCRPCA is made up of a wonderful and diverse group of club members. We come from all walks of life and backgrounds. As Membership Chair, I always enjoy learning a little bit about everyone. In this month’s edition of the Der Sportwagen, I would like to introduce this month’s feature: a very special club member Brian Britton. MEMBERSHIP CHAIR DENNIS BROOK 1WHAT YEAR DID YOU JOIN THE PCA? About 8 to 9 years ago. I did win the PCA Porsche car raffle back in 2015. Since I already owned a “new” 991 at the time, I took the cash versus another new car. 4TELL US ABOUT YOUR FAMILY. Pet, a cream color Shiba Inu. 07 ARE YOU IN? YEARS 2WHICH PORSCHE DO YOU OWN? I have a 2006 Cayenne S and a 2013 Carrera S seven speed. I like them for different reasons. 3WHERE ARE YOU FROM? I’m originally from Monroe Louisiana and I went to college at The University of Missouri. I am a AVP of Labor Relations for Black & Veatch 5 WHAT LINE OF WORK 6WHAT DO YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT YOUR PORSCHE? The New 991 Carrera S body style. I like its graceful lines. It flows in the look of a new form, but still looks like a 911. My Cayenne is my all purpose vehicle. I can do anything in it.  20 Der Sportwagen  

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