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         happening at once in the gym. “I’d like to make Christmas pillows for over 150 kids” Thank you to all club volunteers that made this a memorable time; Tim and Sheryl Bubniak, Fred and Cindy Quintana, Maja and Jim Cummings, T. Jones, Deborah and Stan Thorne and their daughters McKenna and Kendall, Mike Rehak, Mike Lemoine, Trisha, Ray and Derek Steeble for your participation. The hours of time that you volunteered made this project and event happen by using your particular skill sets including choosing fabric, cutting, sewing, stuffing the pillows into the cases and giving them to each child. I am grateful and thankful for being allowed the opportunity to be a part of this special “nudging of the Heart!” To learn more about this organization, go to ~ Trisha Der Sportwagen 19 

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