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 GIVING BACK KCRPCA CHARITY WORK VOLUNTEERING AT HEALING PATHWAYS CLUB MEMBER 18 “Is it something ‘we’ can accomplish by early December? We answered, “Of course! We’re in!” The next thing we knew, we were caught up in her vision to put smiles on many children’s faces. The details still had to be “ironed out”. TRISHA STEEBLE Patterns would need to be created, fabrics chosen, measured, cut out and sewn together. Then name stencils would be made on a Cricut machine and many willing hands would daub the special paint in various colors to produce the names on each pillow. We reached our production goal on December 7, 2019. Over 150 pillows with personalized pillow cases were ready to be handed out. The girl’s pillow cases were covered in pink roses , black and white stripes and polka dots. The boy’s had race cars zooming across the fabric. 28 YEARS It started as a quiet conversation in early summer with Deborah Thorne, “I’d like to make Deborah’s vision had its intended results on that special day! Seeing their name on a pillow made just for them brought about BIG smiles on their dear young faces. Along with the pillows, gift bag choices containing coloring books and crayons or candy and Matchbox Porsches (of course) were also given out. There was much delight on every child’s face! The KCRPCA is honored to be involved in this Christmas party given by Healing Pathway Victim Service Agency. Many organizations and clubs throughout the metro participate in this uplifting event for these children and their families. This all took pace at the community center at 9701 Marion Park Drive in south KC MO behind the police station. Christmas pillows for over 150 kids”  Der Sportwagen Music, the marching band from Center High School, games, crafts, treat bags, visits with KC Wolf, several super heroes in costume, a delicious lunch and photos with Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus were all  

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