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Credit cards can be useful for building your credit score, but only if you pay o  the balance in full every month. Be realistic about the debt cap number and stick to it. This may mean you have to make some hard choices, but I promise you will be much better o  without having to carry the heavier load of credit card debt after school.
Voice Program Scholarships
I spoke with admissions counselors and professors from a variety of academic music programs in order to gain some clarity on the process of awarding scholarships to prospective students.
The answers varied considerably depending on the institution. Several schools told me that the audition is the number one determining factor. They are simply looking for the best musicians with the best artistry for
their schools. Others stated that
they really look at the whole person/ musician, seeking students who are right for their unique community
and mission. These institutions value phone conversations and interviews with the candidates and do a deep dive into the personal statement and other materials to determine what drives the student’s passion for music.
For music schools within a larger university, the university itself can give substantial money for past academic achievement. Sometimes the voice faculty is already aware of what the university has awarded, which can a ect the amount they o er the student. For example, if a music department wants a student and knows that the student has already been awarded a 50 percent scholarship by the university, they may o er less in music scholarship than they would have otherwise.
Almost everywhere, voice part plays a huge role in scholarship.
Voice programs want to ensure they have enough male singers for their choruses, operas, opera scenes, special events, etc. Therefore, sopranos typically will receive the least amount of scholarship, while tenors and basses will receive the most.
Ultimately, your goal is to give
the best possible audition. Be sure you have selected repertoire that truly shows o  your voice and is extremely polished musically, vocally, and dramatically with impeccable diction in each language. With the help of your voice teacher and other trusted mentors, have mock auditions prior to the actual auditions so you can practice doing your best when nervous. Know your translations inside and out and show the panel that you can truly express the words you are singing.
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