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in addition to, or instead of, a formal appeals process.
When submitting appeals, the following things are important to keep in mind:
1. Be Kind. Several admissions o cers shared with me that many calls and emails they receive are demanding and disrespectful. It is always a good idea to be respectful and gracious to those who are admitting you to their program.
2. Be Direct. Clearly state the exact amount of scholarship increase you are asking for and how/why you came to that number. Attaching scholarship o ers from other schools to your appeal is acceptable and helpful.
3. Be Honest. In the appeal essay,  rst explain what makes you unique and what you can bring to their program. Then be as open as you can about why you are asking
for more money. Do you have
an expensive medical condition? Do you already have a signi cant amount of debt? Are you putting yourself through college? Do you have children? Honesty helps the committee gain clarity and can drastically a ect the amount you rewarded.
Getting a Full Ride
Some schools have artist diploma or artist certi cate programs that are very selective but fully funded for those admitted. Many programs will grant you a working fellowship or assistantship in exchange for free tuition. It is always worth doing your research and due diligence. You just might end up with a full ride.
Other Ways to Get Free Money
If you are motivated and organized,
with the help of the internet
you can  nd hundreds of outside scholarships, awards, and grants. A former student of mine received a total of nine outside awards, totaling $6,500, thanks to her tireless e orts researching, applying, and performing. Vocal competitions usually o er cash prizes and are a great way to stash away some money for college if you place.
It is rare for vocal performance majors to be granted a full ride, but
it does happen. Top music schools,
as well as schools in desirable cities like New York, Chicago, Boston, and San Francisco, tend to award less scholarship and fewer full rides than less competitive schools and schools in less desirable locations. When looking into schools, ask admissions o cers, voice teachers, and current students whether full funding is a possibility and how to increase your chances. 87
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• Opening a new student housing complex in fall 2020, with suite-style living and amenities including full kitchen, laundry, exercise studio, practice rooms and more! (
• Through CIM’s Center for Innovative Musicianship (CIM2), take advantage of comprehensive career services, community performance opportunities and an entrepreneurship-focused curriculum.
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