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Paying that Chunk of Change
“Top music schools, as well as schools in desirable cities like New York, Chicago, Boston, and San Francisco, tend to award less scholarship and fewer full rides than less competitive schools and schools in
less desirable locations.”
the new information and may take a deeper look into the student’s  nancial history to see what kind of need they have.
One state university I spoke
with budgets a certain amount of “incentive money” for students
who wish to come but did not get enough money. This usually amounts to about a one-year bonus sum (the cost of one year of tuition), which
is often enough to sway a student’s decision. Universities typically
have a much lower cost for in-state students as it is, often making
them a more a ordable option
than private schools even before
a scholarship is awarded. In some schools, the student’s desired future private voice teacher serves as a middleman between the student and the administration when the student needs more scholarship money in order to attend. This might happen
An important word of warning: if you have been admitted somewhere but do not yet know the scholarship and funding details, do not tell the school that you are committing to them yet. I was disappointed in
my research for this article to learn that many schools will grant you signi cantly less scholarship if they know they’re your  rst choice and that you are planning to attend. You may be moved far down the list for scholarship awards.
Appealing a Scholarship Award
Typically, a formal appeals process involves contacting admissions and  lling out a detailed appeals form. Many schools ask the student to specify the exact amount of the increase in scholarship they are appealing for. The most important part of an appeals form is where
the student describes their  nancial situation and why they are asking for more money. Once submitted, the scholarship committee will then reevaluate the application with
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